Another front makes its way into the state by Thursday

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N n n nStill, there was so much hype, that it’s understandable that most would see the first day as a disappointment. It also appears that Facebook’s muted first day performance may have dragged down some of its social media brothers and sisters, including: Groupon (GRPN 6.7%), LinkedIn (LNKD 5.5%), Yelp (YELP 12.5%), Pandora (P 7.4%) and Zynga (ZNGA 13.9%, trading in the stock was halted twice, after falling more than 10 percent in five minutes and triggering a single stock circuit breaker.) n n n nOf course, with the offering done, now the hard work begins. Expectations are high for the social media giant as it attempts to expand its user and advertiser base and to develop and deploy a mobile strategy.

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