At Davie Lanes almost anyone who joins one of their many

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A five to one shot, $10 on a $2 bet. Life is good.Never had a 300 game? No problem. At Davie Lanes almost anyone who joins one of their many bowling leagues is guaranteed a better average. In a review headlined “A Wall of Lies: The ‘Chernobyl’ Miniseries Is an Excellent Propaganda Weapon” published in the government owned newspaper Argumenty i Fakty, columnist Andrey Sidorchik argued that the series was a Trojan horse for a larger attack on Soviet history. “Look at the ratings the audience loves it,” he complained. “And then, as the plot develops, they casually feed viewers something about the Holodomor [Stalin’s forced famine in Ukraine], and Stalin’s terror, and they equate Soviet soldiers with Hitler’s.”.

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