Cougars, also known as mountain lions, panthers or pumas, are

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best replica ysl bags The body of 55 year old Diana Bober, who had been missing since 29 August, was found near Mount Hood on Monday.Oregon Fish and Wildlife officials said on Tuesday that an autopsy found wounds consistent with a large animal attack, and DNA samples are being tested.If confirmed, it would be the state’s first fatal wild cougar attack.”At this point every indication is that a cougar is responsible,” Oregon Fish and Wildlife spokesman Brian Wolfer told reporters at a news conference, according to purse replica handbags the Oregonian newspaper.Cougars, also known as mountain lions, panthers or pumas, are members of the wild cat family. They live across the Americas, from British Columbia to Argentina.What it’s like living in California’s mountain lion countryCougar kills US cyclist and mauls anotherWatch: Cat faces off with mountain lionMr Wolfer noted there is a “slim possibility” something else was responsible, however, and so officials are analysing DNA to make certain it was a cougar which killed the hiker.”We don’t believe the threat to the public posed by cougars is any greater today than it was yesterday, however, we don’t know and can’t quantify the threat that this particular animal may cause,” Mr Wolfer said.Bober was reported missing by family last month. Officers from the Gresham Police Department found her car near a ranger station on 8 September and launched a search mission in the area.Her body was found two miles away on Monday best replica ysl bags.