Every artist I seen who has made it a specialty of theirs has

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Can think. I used to be pretty smart, back when my brain worked. Now I can hardly get out of bed; I haven left my apartment in half a year on my own power.. They should have focused on giving some Amerks players a run of at least 25 games since the writing was on the wall by that point.we don know if Nylander or Olofsson or Pilut (or ________) are ready for roster spots next season. Which in turn doesn help clarify your focus for the upcoming draft.fuck you Sabres, you done fucked up and now you making it even worse with these salt in the wounds moves.RJ is retired it hard to convince me that there will be any reason to watch a fucking Sabres game. But of course that cycle of hell that was shared recently is so true to life that by the time the Bills get done showing their true colors in week 5 I be itching for Sabres hockey.

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