If you have a severe allergic reaction

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GARCIA: No. It’s less than 5 percent. It’s terrible. I was disappointed, but Mr. Oga said, ‘I get the vibe.’ He put his imagination to work and reconstructed the feeling.”Toshio Suzuki, producer at Studio Ghibli and a lifelong friend of Miyazaki, disagrees with the idea that Totoro’s spirit has “left” Tokorozawa. It is mentioned in the book that Miyazaki has recently been taking Suzuki around Tokorozawa to show him “the place where Totoro was born.” Suzuki was enchanted with Hachikokuyama Park, a forested area on the border of Tokorozawa, and remarked, “This is where the gods dwell.”Miyazaki remarks that it would be very difficult for Ghibli today to recapture what made My Neighbor Totoro so special.

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