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I had no money, no cows, nothing. I thought God had deserted me. Now I have a magical business, a garden, a family, even a donkey,” he beamed.. 1. TimeLapse for iPhoneHighly touted by revered reviewers, TimeLapse was proclaimed one of the “coolest, best and most useful photo apps for the iPhone” by David Pogue of the NYT back in April. The app allows users to create HD videos directly on the iPhones (or iPods with a video camera), and upload for “professional quality post processing and movie encoding”.

replica bags blog Midweek Mental GreeningPeople often associate becoming depressed during dark winter months with Seasonal Affective Disorder (or, SAD). SAD can actually affect people during any season, including the bright and sunny days during spring and summer months; however, according to a recent Swedish study, regardless of the similar symptoms, SAD doesn seem to be the culprit when it comes to the high number of suicides happening in places that experience extended sunlight like Sweden and Greenland.The researchers speculated that light generated imbalances in serotonin the brain chemical linked to mood may lead to increased impulsiveness that in combination with a lack of sleep drives people to kill themselves.found that suicides were almost exclusively violent and increased during periods of constant day, Bjorksten said in a statement.What does this all mean?Well, nothing for those folks who live in parts of the world that don experience extended summer seasons, but for those who do especially those who already deal with mental health issues it certainly means taking extra steps to prevent and combat insomnia, at the least.the long periods of constant light, it is crucial to keep some circadian rhythm to get enough sleep and sustain mental health, Karin Sparring Bjorksten of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and colleagues reported in the BioMed Central journal BMC Psychiatry.As a raging insomniac who admittedly does very little in terms of trying to get more https://www.thebagsreplicas.com sleep, I not the best person to offer tips for overcoming insomnia and getting better sleep. Below, however, are several good resources all of which include alternatives to things like prescription medication.Melatonin: A few months ago, I wrote about melatonin, an over the counter supplement that can help you get more sleep. replica bags blog

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