That plan was halted last year after much local controversy on

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“Roger Goodell of NFL just put out a statement trying to justify the total disrespect certain players show to our country. ” “We will never back down, ” executive director DeMaurice Smith said in a statement. “We no longer can afford to stick to sports.

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buy canada goose jacket Last year, TVA drilled five wells into the Memphis Sand Aquifer, the city’s drinking water source. The agency planned to draw 3.5 million gallons of water from the aquifer to cool its new $975 million natural gas plant, which will replace an older, coal burning plant.That plan was halted last year after much local controversy on the issue from groups like Protect Our Aquifer and the Sierra Club. Then, TVA announced its researchers had found high levels of arsenic and lead in groundwater under a coal ash pit close to the wells drilled into the aquifer.TVA and two independent research groups began investigating the matter and are now readying a final draft of their findings to be sent to the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.”TVA pursued a reckless course while turning a blind eye to the risk of polluting Memphis’ primary source of drinking water,” said Amanda Garcia, staff attorney with SELC. buy canada goose jacket

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