“The communication is so important

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Stage III announces ‘Star Night 2019’; patrons may vote for favoritesCASPER, Wyo. Stage III Community Theatre says that patrons, season ticket holders and volunteers may begin voting for their favorite performers and performances from the 2018 2019 season. Voting can be completed online and closes at midnight July 21.

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canada goose clearance The only thing she knows for sure is that “now it’s harder to say when it will rain.”But farmers all over Kenya, and in most African countries, are facing similar problems.Experts from around the world are certain that climate change is playing a major role in the difficulties Kakiyi and hundreds of thousands of other farmers are experiencing on the continent.According to the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), “there is strong consensus that climate change will negatively impact food security in Africa.”The report also states that “floods, drought, shifts in the timing and amount of rainfall, and high temperatures associated with climate change could directly affect crop and livestock productivity.”All of these phenomena, when combined, may easily create numerous crises on a continent that is expected to double its population to 2.4 billion by 2050. (FAO)and International Fund for Agricultural Development(IFAD), estimates that there is around 227 million undernourished people in Africa fifth of the continent population.Even so, the prevalence of undernourishment in Africa has declined from 27.7 percent in 1990 to 20.5 percent currently.In Kenya, food security is a great concern for at least 10.8 million people, although the prevalence has also shrunk from 33 percent to 24.3 percent over the last 25 years.But what experts still don’t agree on is the extent to whichclimate change is affecting food security.”Climate change is an exacerbating driver, not the primary cause, of food insecurity and hunger,” Randall Purcell, a senior advisor to the Recovery Unit of WFPin Kenya, tells IPS.”The weather has always been hot and dry in large parts of Kenya, which makes the country more prone to droughts.”However, the latest scientific data show that over the last 15 years “droughts [are] coming sooner and in a more unpredictable way,” Purcell adds. “Before, one could predict that a severe drought [would occur] every five to seven years, now it’s every three years.”And the same applies to rainfall.The IPCC has forecast a slight increase of rainfall in East Africa, but it also expects it to be more erratic and sporadic.So it’s getting harder to tell when, where, and how much it will rain, as farmers like Kakiyi have noticed.”In most African countries the amount of solid data on weather is very [limited], so it’s very difficult to say for sure if a specific event entails a structural change or it’s only a cycle that repeats itself every few decades canada goose clearance.