The New and Improved Public Accounting Recruiting GuideAlso

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This accounting recruiting guide has more than double the previous content provided which includes additional tips and a more in depth analysis on how to prepare for interviews and the overall recruiting process.The New and Improved Public Accounting Recruiting GuideAlso, please take the time to read over the following guidelines which will help improve the quality of posts on the subreddit as well as increase the quality of responses received when asking for advice or help:Use the search function and look at the perfect hermes replica resources in the sidebar prior to submitting a question. Chances are your question or a similar question has been asked before which can help you ask a more detailed question if you did not find what you looking for through a search.Read the /r/accounting Wiki/FAQ and please message the Mods if you interested in contributing more content to expand its use as a resource for the subreddit.Remember to add “flair” after submitting a post to help the community easily identify the type of post submitted.When requesting career advice, provide enough information for your background and situation including but not limited to: your region, year in school, graduation date, plans to reach 150 hours, and what you looking to achieve.When asking for homework help, provide all your attempted work first and specifically ask what you having trouble with. We are not a sweatshop to give out free answers, but we will help you figure it out.You are all encouraged to submit current event articles in order to spark healthy discussion and debate among the community.If providing advice from personal experience on the subreddit, please remember to keep in mind and take into account that experiences can vary based on region, school, and firm and not all experiences are equal.

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