The only difference between the two (from what I’ve read) is

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When you are working I would for sure share your location via your phone at all times with someone you trust. I take it your kids are adults so I would maybe choose them. Anyway (big hugs to you) I thought it might be nice for you to hear from someone who gets it.

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But most folks don’t want to live their lives as a kind of performance art. They simply want to live well. Galliano’s clothes challenge the imagination. This all day. I ended up with about 3 months of maternity leave and I was going nuts. I can do the stay at home thing.

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They act as mini cash cards that can be used for trains, vending machines, and convenience stores (7 11, family mart, Lawson’s etc). The only difference between the two (from what I’ve read) is where you can go to return the card for your deposit (500 yen). Since you will be using the app, this does not matter to you.

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