Unsurprisingly, it was snowing at my stopover in Montreal and

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The Blackwater openpit gold and silver mine that TSX listed New Gold is planning to build south west of Prince George, British Columbia, has received the thumbs up from federal Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna. These conditions would reduce or eliminate the potential effects on the environment and include measures to protect wetlands, fish and fish habitat, migratory birds, the current use of lands and resources by indigenous peoples, physical and cultural heritage and structures, and wildlife and species at risk.”The Government of Canada is protecting the environment and growing the economy.The Blackwater technical report states that the mine will operate for 16 years. Over the first nine years of operation, the average feed grade will be 0.85 g/t gold and the average gold production will be 485 000 oz/y.Total life of mine (LoM) metal production, including lower grade stockpiles will be seven million ounces of gold and 29.6 million ounces of silver.

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canada goose uk shop Today is the day I flew out! My journey didn’t start as smoothly as it could have done I’d misread my travel details and thought the flight was two hours later than it actually was (top travel tip don’t do that). I’m grateful to everyone who helped rush me through the airport and onto the plane. Unsurprisingly, it was snowing at my stopover in Montreal and I left the airport to explore the frozen city.. canada goose uk shop

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